Ce portail web donne accès à une compilation de méthodes et d'outils visant à faciliter la collaboration entre expert·e·s et parties prenantes issu·e·s de la science et de la pratique, afin de répondre aux défis sociétaux à la fois réels et propres à chaque contexte.en plus

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Compilations on design thinking

The Bootcamp Bootleg

What’s the purpose?The Bootcamp Bootleg is a compilation of tools for design thinking, from analysing needs to prototyping and reviewing solutions. Each tool is briefly described on one page. Examples for tools are interviews, brainstorming or design principles. Originally the Bootcamp Bootleg serves as a textbook for students.
Who provides the compilation?The Institute of Design, Stanford University, USA
How does it differ from td-net’s compilation?Methods of design thinking are very relevant for transdisciplinary research. In comparison to the Bootleg Bootcamp, our compendium is much more restricted to the co-production of knowledge in heterogeneous teams and elaborates methods a bit more in detail.