La neige, les glaciers et le pergélisol ont une grande importance pour la Suisse. Leurs changements sont documentés par des mesures détaillées. Ce portail web montre et explique certaines séries d'observation à long terme de la cryosphère.en plus

Image : NASA Earth Observatory, Jesse Allen and Robert Simmonen plus

Abstract Volume Swiss Geoscience Meeting 2012, Bern

Mountains – Up and Down

Abstract Volume SGM 2012
  1. Educational research on Geoscience teaching and learning
  2. Structural Geology, Tectonics and Geodynamics
  3. Mineralogy, Petrology, Geochemistry
  4. Tracing magmatic systems from the petrological, geochemical and isotopic perspective
  5. Low-Temperature Isotope Geochemistry
  6. Geophysics and Rockphysics
  7. Stratigraphy in Switzerland - from field to application
  8. Palaeontology – in memoriam of Jean-Pierre Berger
  9. Quaternary environments: landscapes, climate, ecosystems, human activity during the past 2.6 million years
  10. Geomorphology
  11. Cryospheric Sciences
  12. Advances in applied hydrology and limnology.
  13. Limnogeology and the interdisciplinary study of lacustrine sediments: Crystalizing F.-A. Forel vision.
  14. Environmental Biogeosciences
  15. Biogeochemical cycles in a changing environment
  16. Seasons and phenology in mountain regions
  17. Alpine Meteorology
  18. Greenhouse Gases: Linkages between biosphere and climate
  19. Geoscience and Geoinformation - From data acquisition to modelling and visualisation
  20. Earth System Science related Earth Observation
  21. Landscape and its meanings for society
  22. Symposium in human geography

Auteurs : Dr Pierre Dèzes, Plateforme Géosciences
Pages : 471


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