La neige, les glaciers et le pergélisol ont une grande importance pour la Suisse. Leurs changements sont documentés par des mesures détaillées. Ce portail web montre et explique certaines séries d'observation à long terme de la cryosphère.en plus

Image : NASA Earth Observatory, Jesse Allen and Robert Simmonen plus

Abstract Volume Swiss Geoscience Meeting 2010, Fribourg

Hot and Cold: Extreme Climates in Space and Time

Abstract Volume SGM 2010
  1. Structural Geology, Tectonics and Geodynamics.
  2. Mineralogy-Petrology-Geochemistry
  3. Himalayan Geology: A tribute to Augusto Gansser on his 100th anniversary
  4. Paleontology and Paleobiodiversity
  5. Lithostratigraphic units for the swiss geological maps: state of the art
  6. Natural Hazards and Risks in Alpine Geology
  7. Geomorphology
  8. Quaternary Research
  9. Trusting on soils in a changing world?
  10. Open Cryosphere Session
  11. Meteorology and Climatology
  12. Phenology and Seasonality
  13. Geoscience and Geoinformation - From data acquisition to modelling and visualisation
  14. Decision oriented modelling of the geosphere
  15. Hydrological and Limnological Perspectives in Times of Global Changes
  16. Groundwater and Climate change
  17. Troubling water: modes of socialization of a natural resource
  18. The global / local in our research
  19. Geotopes and Geoparks
  20. Mars: water, climate & geology

Auteurs : Dr Pierre Dèzes, Plateforme Géosciences
Pages : 361


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