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SPS Annual Meeting 2022

Lieu de l'événement

Université de Fribourg
Campus Pérolles

The next annual meeting of the Swiss Physical Society (SPS) will take place at the University of Fribourg, 27 - 30 June 2022. An additional highlight is the satellite event Women in Physics Career Symposium on 1 July.

SPG Jahrestagung 2022 Ankündigung
Image : SPG

Renowned invited speakers will give talks in the plenary sessions, parallel sessions will allow in depth discussions in several topical fields, and a poster exhibition will complement the scientific program.

The scientific program is further enriched by the direct contributions of the Swiss Institute for Particle Physics (CHIPP), the NCCR Bio-Inspired Materials, and the Swiss Neutron Science Society (SGN). Thanks to all these collaborations, our annual meeting will offer again an exciting program, covering latest advancements of physics in a wide range of fields at its best.

Career Symposium: Women in Physics

This event will take place on Friday 1 July 2022, after the main conference.

The goal of this symposium is to boost women in the early career stage starting from undergraduate up to postdoctoral studies in building a professional and mentoring network in physics. The event will feature a series of career talks, which will provide information on navigating a career in physics from the personal perspective of invited speakers covering several career levels. This will be complemented by a podium discussion, in which participants can ask questions and share experiences, advice, and ideas. The event will feature several networking opportunities such as extended coffee breaks and a dinner during which participants can get to know each other with the aim of forming a growing mentoring network.

SPS invites female participants from all career levels to register for this event. Suggestions for desired mentors can be made during registration. In addition, they are asking interested colleagues willing to act as mentors to register, where we also encourage male colleagues to contribute. The event is sponsored by the University of Zurich, the Paul Scherrer Institute and the Swiss Physical Society. Further contributions are most welcome.

More information regarding the events and the registration process can be found on the links on the right.

SPG Jahrestagung 2022 Programm
SPG Jahrestagung 2022 ProgrammImage : SPG


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