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Successful UK-Switzerland Bilateral Meeting

The international bilateral meeting between the Royal Society and the Swiss Academy of Sciences was successfully held on 15-16 June 2023 in London.

Prof. Sir Mark Walport, Vice President of the Royal Society, gives the plenary talk on pandemic preparedness on 16 June at the UK-Switzerland Bilateral International Meeting.
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16 prominent scientists each from Switzerland and the UK presented their work and discussed collaborations in two parallel sessions on «Pandemic Preparedeness» and «Net Zero». Both topics concentrated on how facilities, e.g. those at the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) in Switzerland or the Diamond Light Source in the UK, can be used for materials and catalysis for net zero greenhouse gas emissions and for enabling biomolecular science for pandemic preparedness.

The objective of the meeting was to build on and strengthen scientific ties between Switzerland and the UK. On a bilateral basis among scientists, this was certainly achieved given the high mutual interest and many stimulating scientific discussions. On a more institutional basis there was also a strong will expressed for increasing partnership. Further discussions in the months to come shall define how this can concretise in a fruitful way with benefits for scientists and institutions on both sides of the Channel.


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