We Scientists Shape Science

Science has become a lot bigger and faster. Join our effort to make it better.

we scientists shape science
we scientists shape science
we scientists shape science

We want science to be creative, solid, open, helpful for society and a good career opportunity for the talented youth. Let’s start to change what it means to be a scientist and the way and the framework in which science is conducted. It is us scientists who need to change science.

Superscientist saves science, in Horizons
Image: David Boller
Superscientist saves science, in Horizons
Superscientist saves science, in Horizons (Image: David Boller)

Superheroes or super teams?

Many scientists and science administrators agree: the rating of scientists should not rely on their publication list alone, but take into account several aspects of their scientific work: discovering, publishing, teaching, communicating, translating science into action etc. However, can an individual be excellent in all of this? Does she or he have the time to do it properly? Or should science and the evaluation of scientific merits be more based on team efforts? How? The Superhero story in the magazine Horizons (09/2017) challenges the traditional way in which science is fostering certain scientists – and not others. What is your view? Pls write us.

Congress «We Scientists Shape Science»

Over 200 scientists debated on how to improve science at the congress «We Scientists Shape Science» in January 2017. Read their conclusions, track the implementation and learn more on these pressing issues:


Time for Research

How can we shift science from producing ever more and more to creating in-depth and meaningful research?
Icon creativity

Space for Creativity

How can we increase the prospects to achieve real new insights?
Icon career

Scientific Career

How can we grant scientists with early independence? How can we foster diversity in science?
Icon scientific practice

Scientific Practice

How can we maintain and improve good scientific practice?
Icon Open Science

Open Science

How can we ensure that science builds on the entire body of research?
Icon Science in Society / Link

Science in Society

How and on which foundation do we as scientists act in society?

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About the portal

So that science remains the best method to gain knowledge, we need to improve it. The web portal provides information on pressing issues and on the science congress «We Scientists Shape Science».

European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity
  • 2017

European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity

Un nouveau code de conduite établit les lignes directives pour l'intégrité scientifique. La compilation concise a été rédigée par des expertes et des experts de l’association de 59 académies dans 40 pays du Conseil de l'Europe – les All European Academies (ALLEA). Ce document de référence de la Commission européenne sera contraignant pour tous les chercheuses et chercheurs bénéficiant de fonds de projet du programme-cadre européen de recherche. Les Académies suisses des sciences ont contribué de manière substantielle à la révision de ce document.

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