The Amphipods of Switzerland

Fauna Helvetica 32: Amphipoda

This book covers all 40 known amphipod species ever recorded in Switzerland, including 27 native and 13 non­native species. It provides detailed accounts of the faunistics, ecology, and distribution for all amphipod species in Switzerland.

Amphipoda Einladung
Image : Roman Alther

Amphipods are a highly diverse group of aquatic invertebrates with >10,000 described species globally. Amphipods inhabit almost all freshwater ecosystems, including lakes, rivers, streams, as well as cave and groundwater systems, and can be the dominant macroinvertebrates in these habitats. They exhibit essential roles in the functioning of aquatic ecosystems, contributing to leaf litter breakdown and serving as important prey for fish. Furthermore, they are commonly used as indicator taxa for biomonitoring and in ecotoxicological studies. Many amphipod communities are currently undergoing rapid changes due to various drivers of global change, and some amphipod species are among the most successful non-native invasive invertebrates.

In German, with a determination key in German, French and English.

Authors: Florian Altermatt, Roman Alther, Cene Fišer & Vid Švara


  • Systématique/Classification (Biologie)
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