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Two-Way Trade
  • 16.05.2019
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Chinese investments fuels African science

Africa has emerged as a major partner in China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), and that is paying dividends for science. So far, 39 African countries and the African Union Commission have signed BRI cooperation agreements, with others expected to follow.
Event Horizon Telescope
  • 15.04.2019
  • ANG
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M87- Allererstes Foto eines schwarzen Loches

Das Projekt Event Horizon Telescope (EHT, dt. Ereignishorizont Teleskop) hat zum Ziel, die ersten Fotos der Umgebung der schwarzen Löcher M87* im Virgo-Cluster und Sgr A* (Sgr = Sagittarius = Schütze) im Zentrum der Milchstrasse zu machen.
In November 2018, a jury included the Geneva-based company Securaxis in the funding program of the "Business Incubation Centre of CERN Technologies" in PARK INNOVAARE in Villigen (AG). Photo (from left to right): Glenn Meleder (CEO Securaxis), Benno Rechsteiner (CEO PARK INNOVAARE), and Aurélie Pezous (Knowledge Transfer Officer at CERN).
  • 12.04.2019
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The Innovation Park “PARK INNOVAARE” in Villigen (AG) supports start-up companies in the field of accelerator technology.

CERN in Geneva is the leading particle physics laboratory worldwide. Large particle accelerators based on the most innovative technologies are used there for fundamental research. One year ago, the innovation park “PARK INNOVAARE” in Villigen (AG) launched, together with CERN, the BIC of CERN program: it supports start-ups and high-tech micro-companies using CERN technologies for commercial applications. These days the second call for proposals has started.
OWSD - Organisation for Woman in Science for the developing world
  • 08.04.2019
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PhD Fellowships for Women Scientists from Science and Technology Lagging Countries

The Fellowship is offered to women scientists to undertake PhD research in the Natural, Engineering and Information Technology sciences at a host institute in the Global South.
  • 05.06.2018
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Call for Internship Scholarships in China

ETH Zurich as the Leading House for the Bilateral Science and Technology Cooperation Programme with Asia is launching this call
OPERA working group taken few days before the announcement of the first tau neutrino event.
  • 22.05.2018
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OPERA collaboration presents its final results on neutrino oscillations.

OPERA collaboration reports the observation of a total of 10 candidate events for a muon to tau-neutrino conversion, in what are the very final results of the experiment.
  • 05.12.2017
  • Commission suisse de télédétection
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Visit of the CSEM

Report about the joint visit of SGPF and SKF at CSEM in Alpnach.
Séance de réflexion "Gene Drive"
  • 21.09.2017
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Gene mit Spezialantrieb

Die Gene Drive-Technologie hat in der Tagespresse bereits für erste Schlagzeilen gesorgt – Zeit also, um diese Methode wissenschaftlich fundiert vorzustellen und zu erörtern. Daher haben das Forum Genforschung und das Forum Biodiversität der SCNAT mit Unterstützung des BAFU sechs Fachleute eingeladen, um Gene Drive aus naturwissenschaftlichem, aber auch aus regulatorischem, naturschützerischem und ethischem Blickwinkel auszuleuchten.
  • 01.08.2017
  • Commission suisse de télédétection
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Evenement conjoint de la Société Suisse de Photogrammétrie et de Télédétection et de la Comission Suisse de Télédétection

Viste du CSEM (
  • 01.04.2017
  • Commission suisse de télédétection
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10th EARSeL SIG Imaging Spectroscopy Workshop

EARSeL's Special Interest Group on Imaging Spectroscopy aims at encouraging interdisciplinary discussions among specialists working with innovative Earth Observation methods and technologies.
  • 06.03.2017
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Le Conseil fédéral adopte un rapport sur la fracturation hydraulique

La technologie de la fracturation hydraulique doit pouvoir être utilisée sous certaines conditions, en particulier dans le cadre de forages permettant l’exploitation de la géothermie profonde. Toutefois, pour des raisons de politique climatique, le Conseil fédéral ne soutient pas le recours à la fracturation hydraulique pour mettre en valeur des gisements de gaz. De plus, un moratoire n’est pas une solution appropriée à ses yeux.
Genetically modifiedplants: questions and answers
  • 27.05.2016
  • Forum Recherche génétique
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Genetically modified plants: questions and answers

What are genetically modified (GM) plants? Is genetic modification safe? Where are GM crops grown and eaten? These and 15 more questions answered in a new document published by the british Royal Society.
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