• 26.08.2019
  • Annonce

African universities battle to attract post-doctoral researchers. Here’s why

Ifakara Labor (J. Pelikan, Swiss TPH)
Ifakara Labor (J. Pelikan, Swiss TPH)
Ifakara Labor (J. Pelikan, Swiss TPH)

Postdoctoral training is a critical element of building Africa’s population of researchers. The continent needs to develop its capacity for globally competitive postdoctoral training, as this is essential to promoting scientific and research excellence and leadership. Young early career researchers from the continent face four main challenges.

First, they lack access to resources at their home institutions. Second, they haven’t been properly trained in grant writing, an essential skill for accessing competitive funding for their research. Third, they lack mentors or supervisors. And finally, postdoctoral positions tend to be poorly paid.

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