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19th Swiss Climate Summer School 2019
  • Oeschger Centre
  • C2SM
  • Académie suisse des sciences naturelles
  • Office fédéral de météorologie et de climatologie MétéoSuisse
  • Formation de base/Formation continue
  • Séminaire
  • Grindelwald

19th Swiss Climate Summer School 2020

The network of leading Swiss institutions in climate research and education invites young scientists to join high-profile climate researchers in a scenic Swiss Alpine setting for keynote lectures, workshops, and poster sessions on the occasion of the 19th Swiss Climate Summer School 2020.
nov. 7
érable ruisseau
  • Commission suisse d'hydrologie
  • Société suisse d'hydrologie et de limnologie
  • SSH
  • Séminaire
  • Zürich

SGM 2020: Symposium «Hydrology and Hydrogeology»

This symposium is part of the 18th Swiss Geoscience Meeting from 6 to 7 November 2020 in Zurich. This session is open to contributions dealing with hydrology and hydrogeology at all spatial and time scales: from global, continental, catchment to pore scale and processes occurring at the scale of a few minutes, hours or years Contributions demonstrating interdisciplinary approaches, such as groundwater-surface water interactions, are encouraged. This year, we particularly welcome contributions that improve our understanding of climate change impacts on water resources, including the presentation of results obtained in the context of the Hydro-CH2018 project of the Federal Office for the Environment FOEN.
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