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Green Culture 2020

sept. 18
sept. 20
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Green Culture 2020
Green Culture 2020
Green Culture 2020

This year Green Culture 2020 will honour women in the environment and dedicate the event to sharing their stories. They want to present to you some of the brightest minds on the global green scene. They will also be honouring some of the remarkable green pioneers who have left us prematurely. And of course, the programme will be rich in artistic content that was prepared with their artist-contributors.

For nearly a decade, Green Culture has been a platform for exchanging innovative, educational experiences and a network of collaborators from the cultural sectors of the Western Balkans. It brings together regional leaders and industry experts from all fields who embrace the global sustainability agenda and convey their knowledge to the wider public to inspire action.

2020 proved to be unique on many levels and it’s indisputable that we are living in unprecedented times. We are witnessing a huge shift in global consciousness, which may pave the way for a brighter future.

In this spirit the conference aims to engage people online through the virtual events, while still offering the chance to participate at the live events.The event is kicked-off with the Start-up Pitch Fest, the only live segment of Green Culture 2020. Here the young entrepreneurs will be competing for a start-up investment for their green enterprises. The following day, the online event starts, which includes a series of talks and discussions over two days.


Green Culture


Green Culture
Njegoseva 131
Cetinje 83250
Office mob: +38269899557
E-Mail: pr@greenculture.world

  • Thèmes
    • Changement climatique (17)
    • Recherche (13)
    • Science (13)
    • Climat (12)
    • Environnement (10)
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  • Organisations
    • ProClim (3)
    • Société des sciences naturelles de Glaris (3)
    • HES-SO Valais (2)
    • Société des sciences naturelles du Haut-Valais (2)
    • OFEV (2)
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  • Types d'offres
    • Conférence (33)
    • Congrès (17)
    • Exposé (9)
    • Séminaire (7)
    • Atelier (7)
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This event combines a live and a virtual event

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