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C3S User Learning Services training event

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C3S User Learning Services offers a blended training, consisting of free online learning resources and a face-to-face training session on the use of climate data to develop climate services for adaptation challenges.

The Climate Data Store (CDS) is a database providing quality assured and free of charge climate information. In the CDS catalogue an extensive collection of climate datasets is available. In addition, an online toolbox allows users to build workflows and applications suited to their needs.

The training is for the following target audiences

  • Sectoral end users (for example from agriculture, water and spatial planning) who will gain an understanding on how climate data is produced.
  • Consultant & researchers: who want to learn how to use climate data and identify opportunities offered by the CDS and main climate data sources and tools.
  • MSc and PhD Students in hydrology, environmental sciences, physical geography or related fields who want to acquire additional skills.
  • Climatologists & data experts: who want to acknowledge the full process of creating a climate service and want to gain skills on the CDS and its components.

The main learning goal is to design and develop a climate adaptation case study by:

  • acknowledging the importance of scoping and framing an issue
  • selecting relevant data that supports the adaptation case study
  • understanding the theory behind climate data
  • exploring the different components of the CDS
  • sources and characteristics of climate data

The structure and times of the blended training are as follows:

  • First webinar: 6th of February, 10:00 - 11:15h local time
    Introduction to the blended training approach and the Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S)
  • Online learning and completion of assignments (10 hours)
  • Full day face-to-face event: 3rd of March, Zurich
    Guidance on the selection and application of climate data in a case study by the use of CDS and toolbox
  • Online learning and further elaboration of the climate adaptation case study (10 hours)
  • Final webinar: 23rd of March, 10:00 - 11:15h local time
    Presentation of case studies, discussion, and questions and answers session

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C3S User Learning Services training


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The training will be conducted in English. Attendance is free.

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