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Colloquium in Climatology, Climate Impact and Remote Sensing

oct. 2
déc. 18
Lieu de l'activité
Seminar room 324
Institute of Geography
Mittelstrasse 43
3012 Bern

Wednesday at 14:15 in seminar room 324, Mittelstrasse 43

Jan Remund (Meteotest)
Modelling of urban climates

Dr. Katharina Schroeer (MeteoSchweiz)
Diagnosing hail risk addressing user needs, climate variability, and uncertainties. Insights from the Swiss National Hail Climatology Project

Martina Barandun (University of Fribourg)
Region-wide estimate of annual glacier mass balance for the Tien Shan and Pamir from 2000 to 2018

Jakob Zscheischler (University of Bern)
Compound weather and climate events

Kathrin Wehrli (ETHZ)
Explaining major recent heatwaves from a conditional perspective

Ralf Hand (University of Bern)
What drives the AMV? - Changes of decadal SST Variations in the subpolar North Atlantic under strong CO2 forcing as an indicator for the ocean circulation’s contribution to Atlantic Multidecadal Variability

Doris Folini (ETHZ)
Should I trust my climate model? At least its energy balance?

Jan Cermak (KIT Karlsruhe)
New insights into low clouds based on machine learning and satellite observations

Markus Stoffel (University of Geneva)
Melting ice – crumbling mountains? Reconstructing changes in mass- movement activity in the Swiss Alps

Kathrin Naegeli (RSGB)
Towards a long time-series of global snow cover extent

Timothy Raupach (University of Bern)
Feature-based analysis of simulated thunderstorms in Switzerland

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