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17th Swiss Geoscience Meeting 2019, Fribourg

nov. 22
nov. 23
Lieu de l'activité
Campus Pérolles 2, Fribourg
Logo SGM 2019 in Fribourg
Logo SGM 2019 in Fribourg
Logo SGM 2019 in Fribourg

The 17th edition of the Swiss Geoscience Meeting focuses on the latest advances in research in geosciences. It will be held on 22nd + 23rd November 2019 in Fribourg.

The Department of Geosciences of the University of Fribourg and the Platform geosciences of the Swiss Academy of Sciences (SCNAT) cordially invite you to participate in the 17th Swiss Geoscience Meeting to be held on Friday, November 22nd and Saturday, November 23rd, 2019 in Fribourg.

On Friday 22nd

The theme of the 17th SGM Plenary Session is: “Geoscience goes underground: understanding resources & processes”.

Knowledge of the shallow and deep underground has ever-growing importance in modern society. This is especially true for Switzerland, which has a longstanding tradition of exploring the deep that was acquired over the course of decades of building tunnels throughout its territories. Hydrocarbon exploration of the Alpine Molasse Basin and the Jura fold-and-thrust belt yielded modest successes, but the public controversy regarding shale gas exploration and induced seismicity in the wake of deep geothermal exploration has highlighted the importance and the role of communication of our geoscientific knowledge to the public.

The extraction of geothermal energy, building management, and land use planning will increasingly rely on knowledge of the near and deep subsurface geology. Natural resources of the underground, such as geothermal energy (from shallow to deep), CO2 sequestration, shale gas, reservoir technology, water exploitation, subsurface energy storage, or “classic” mineral resources will thereby play a central role in the future. Geodata, GeoBIM, GeoCIM projects, and 3D geology models will reshape future management and use of underground resources and geoscientists must not miss the opportunity to get involved. Indeed, geoscientists should reach out to politicians and the public and take a position in a debate that will become increasingly more complex.

In this plenary session, the future of subsurface planning will be discussed in a first talk. Two speakers will present progress made in understanding the deep subsurface geologic system in the frame of geothermal projects and nuclear waste repository exploration. A fourth talk will discuss the relevance of understanding the state of stress in the crust, which is a key issue in planning of many projects.

On Saturday 23rd

a series of 25 scientific symposia will cover the diverse spectrum of current research in geosciences, encompassing the lithosphere, the hydrosphere, the cryosphere, the biosphere, the atmosphere and the anthroposphere.

The SGM also provides the ideal environment to foster informal contacts and discussion among scientists, in particular during the Swiss Geoscience Party on Friday evening but also at the poster sessions on Saturday. Time is reserved for two poster sessions, at which the authors will be present for active discussion and feedback.

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nov. 23
Aquifères en roche meuble
  • Commission suisse d'hydrologie
  • Société suisse d'hydrologie et de limnologie
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SGM 2019: Symposium «Hydrology, Limnology and Hydrogeology»

This symposium was part of the 17th Swiss Geoscience Meeting from 22 to 23 November 2019 in Fribourg. The session was open to contributions dealing with hydrology, limnology and hydrogeology at all scales, including contributions demonstrating interdisciplinary approaches. That year particularly welcome were topics dealing with better understanding and quantifying the connection between surface water and groundwater across scales. This includes observations of processes and patterns, process modelling and field experiments.
nov. 22
Julie Zähringer (Prix Schläfli 2019) im Interview mit einem Dorfbewohner (rechts) und mit Forschungsassistent und Übersetzer Paul Clément Harimalala (Mitte) im Studiendorf Banda
  • Académie suisse des sciences naturelles
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  • Fribourg

Award ceremony for the Prix Schläfli "Geosciences" 2019

The Swiss Academy of Sciences (SCNAT) has awarded the Prix Schläfli 2019 to the four most important insights gained by young researchers at Swiss universities. Julie Zähringer has been awarded by the Prix Schläfli "Geosciences" 2019 for her findings in sustainability science in Madagascar.
Far West sous la Suisse
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Far West sous la Suisse

Métro, conduites, géothermie: les usages des espaces souterrains s'intensifient. Comment gérér les nouveaux conflicts?


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