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17th International Conference on Carbon Dioxide Utilization

juin 23
juin 27
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Eurogress Aachen
Monheimsallee 48
D - 52062 Aachen
ICCDU 2019
ICCDU 2019
ICCDU 2019 (Image: DECHEMA)

CO2 utilization is moving from research to industrial application. As one of the most renowned academic conferences on carbon dioxide capture, utilization and strategy-related aspects, the ICCDU is a great opportunity to learn more about carbon dioxide utilization from the perspective of industry, science and policy.

CO2-emission reduction targets and the goal to substitute fossil carbon for the production are two challenges that can be addressed by CO2-utilization technologies. Therefore, CO2 utilization will play a major role in the efforts of the society towards a more sustainable world, fighting climate change and reducing the dependency on fossil resouces.Furthermore, economical and policy aspects become essential for stakeholders.

The goal of the conference is to highlight research projects on Carbon Dioxide Utilization in all levels of maturity. Carbon dioxide can be used for many synthesis routes in the chemical industry. The spectrum of research in the field ranges from fundamental to applied science. Products like fuels, polymers, or building materials from CO2 are no longer a dream. Furthermore, the CO2 utilization roll-out has begun first applications are about to enter the market. Meet the industry and get in touch with successful companies at the forefront of sustainable chemistry.




Nina Weingärtner
Phone: +49 (0)69 7564-125
E-Mail: nina.weingaertner@dechema.de

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