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2nd International Conference "Our Climate - Our Future"

Regional Perspectives on a Global Challenge

sept. 23
sept. 25
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Umweltforum Berlin
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Reklim conference 2019
Image: Reklim
Reklim conference 2019
Reklim conference 2019 (Image: Reklim)

Looking back on ten successful years and looking ahead to the next funding period, REKLIM will host the 2nd International Conference. The conference’s main goal is to provide a forum where scientists from around the globe can present and discuss the latest findings on regional climate research in connection with REKLIM’s focus areas.

One of the declared goals of the Paris Agreement is to limit global warming to no more than 1.5 °C above pre-industrial levels, changing the context for policy-relevant research and posing a major challenge for researchers. In response, today’s climate research is largely focused on analysing and understanding the regional effects of global climate change, especially to describe the impacts of climate change on a socially relevant scale.

This is where the Helmholtz Climate Initiative REKLIM comes in: since October 2009, experts from the nine centres in the Helmholtz Association’s research field Earth and Environment have been collaborating on eight research topics. Working hand in hand with university partners, the Helmholtz Research Centres can effectively pool their regional climate change expertise. Regional observations and process studies, together with simulations, will help to refine regional and global climate models, which in turn provide a solid basis for informed climate-related decision-making. In addition, REKLIM fosters interdisciplinary regional climate research in Germany.

The conference ‘Our Climate – Our Future: Regional Perspectives on a Global Challenge’ is divided into six parallel sessions, which cover an interdisciplinary range of current international and national research efforts regarding regional climate change. As a highlight of each session an internationally renowned expert will present his/her keynote.

The scientific conference will be followed by a public engagement day on 26 September 2019, which will focus on promoting dialogue (in German) between scientists and decision-makers from the political and administrative sectors, and at professional associations.


Reklim - Helmholtz-Verbund Regionale Klimaänderungen


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