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Filmmaking Marathon III

sept. 17
sept. 20
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ETH Zürich

A major challenge for us, scientists, is to communicate complex concepts and detailed content in ways that are appropriate for the wide audience. In the filmmaking marathon, we seek to challenge, inspire and train researchers to use filmmaking to communicate their research. Scientists learn how to make films by working with filmmakers in four intensive days, aiming to produce short films in small groups. A selection of the produced films will be screened at the 2nd Global Science Film Festival www.sciencefilm.ch.

I. 1-day theory and practice course (only for scientists): scientists learn about camera, audio, lighting equipment, and how to write, design and carry out the basics of making a documentary that is attractive for a broad audience.
II. 3-day Filmmaking Marathon: scientists work with filmmakers to prepare short films in small groups. A selection of the resulting films will be screened at the Global Science Film Festival (15-17 November 2019 in Bern and Zurich, www.sciencefilm.ch)

Theory and practice: University of Zurich, ETH Zurich and Zoo Zurich
Short films: Participants decide where to shoot their films

Applications: Between 1st February and 30th April 2019
Filmmaking Marathon: 17-20 September 2019

Scientists, Postdocs, PhD and Master students enrolled at a Swiss higher education institution

Please check with your program if you are eligible to claim credit points for attending this workshop. Students who are enrolled at the Life Science Zurich Graduate School are awarded 2 credit points.

100 CHF

Samer Angelone (Science Film Academy)
Azmi Baumann (Zurich University)
Henriette Bornkamm (Zurich University)
Halil Kesselring (Science Film Academy)
Nicole Schnyder (Zoo Zurich)
Isabella Sedivy (Swiss Radio and TV, SRF)

Dr. Samer Angelone: samer.angelone@gmail.com

Filmmaking marathon
Filmmaking marathon (Image: Samer Angelone)
Filmmaking marathon
Filmmaking marathon (Image: Samer Angelone)


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Registration fee: 100 CHF

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