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Swiss team will participate in the second European Physics Olympiad 2018

Five of Switzerland’s best-in-physics high school students will take part in the European Physics Olympiad, which will be held at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology in Russia from May 28 to June 1 this year.

European Physics Olympiad

The contestants are trained under the supervision of Barbara Roos, team leader and member of the Swiss Physics Olympiad.

The European Olympiad is an international competition in solving physics problems for high school students from European countries. It was held for the first time in 2017 in Estonia and presided over by Prof Jaan Kalda of Tallinn University of Technology. National teams from European countries — the five best students passing domestic selection — are invited to take part in EuPhO, other countries may participate as guest teams. Students from 28 countries are expected at the 2018 EuPhO.

This year, the contest is hosted by MIPT, a leading Russian university in the field of science and technology. MIPT ranks among THE’s top 50 schools for physics, as well as among the QS top 100 schools for physics. MIPT graduates include Nobel Prize laureates, winners of other prestigious scientific awards, entrepreneurs, and politicians.

A. Benelli reporting the news received from Ivan Istomin (EPFL) and Ilyana Zolotareva