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Open Data and Data Management - Issues and Challenges

SCNAT Workshop for Swiss stakeholders

oct. 29
10:00 - 17:00
Lieu de l'activité
Kaserne Bern
Papiermühlestrasse 15
Open Data
Open Data
Open Data

The SCNAT is organizing this one day event in Bern, with the aim to give the research community the chance to raise their concern and also the SNF and the European Commission to present their view and to inform about recent trends. The workshop should provide recommendations on how to implement the open data requirements.

In recent years a number of changes in scientific research took place, under the umbrella of the ‘open science’ label. Open access has essentially been introduced, and researchers from the sciences took the lead when introducing the preprint arXiv many years ago. Many researchers followed the path of open source by making their simulation codes publicly available. Presently the introduction of open data (and open data management plans) are on the horizon (or already introduced) by many European Funding Agencies.

However, the concept of ‘Open Data’ is also widely debated. While in certain fields the full disclosure of research data is suitable and straightforward, and happens thus naturally, in others it can become a burden and possibly affect research productivity. Its implementation leads to the following questions:

‚Can data of very diverse fields, from biology, chemistry, pharmacy, physics, geology, meteorology, material science, particle physics, mathematics, astronomy, etc. be treated in the same way?
‚How should one deal with data that are subject to competition with research groups from other (non-European) countries where other rules are in place?
‚What kind/level of data products must be disclosed?
‚How large is the effort to disclose the data in a useful way and are there enough resources?

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oct. 18
EPFL Open Science Day 2019
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  • Lausanne

EPFL Open Science Day 2019

Open science is a complex and transversal topic that can only be understood when a variety of point of views collide. We invited world-class researchers and policy makers to give their perspective on the promises and challenges of open and reproducible science.
Open Science in Switzerland: Opportunities and Challenges
  • 2019
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Open Science in Switzerland: Opportunities and Challenges

Ce Factsheet contient des recommandations sur la mise en oeuvre de l’Open Access et de l’Open Data afin de promouvoir le progrès scientifique et de bénéficier à la société en Suisse.
nov. 21
Star as a symbol for ratings and assessments
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Beyond impact factor, h-Index and university rankings: Evaluate science in more meaningful ways

The conference aims to:
• Highlight the limitations of metrics in capturing scientific quality and the resulting pressure on the quality of scientific output;
• Present assessment approaches - San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment DORA, Leiden Manifesto for Research Metrics - that challenge conventional metrics;
• Consider whether steps are necessary to maintain the high quality of the Swiss science landscape long-term.
Minutes of the Workshop on Open Data and Data Management 2018
  • 2018
  • Compte-rendu du congrès

Open Data and Data Management – Issues and Challenges

Organised by the Swiss Academy of Sciences (SCNAT), the one-day workshop on Open Data and Data Management gathered around 120 participants on Monday, 29 October 2018 in Berne. Globally, it was a very successful event enabling the sharing of partially contrasting opinions on the topic by all involved parties. The main outcome is that a general practice cannot be followed, because each scientific field has its specific needs and limitations.
Nicolas Thomas, Leiter Physikalisches Institut Universität Bern
  • 21.09.2018
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«My fear is that the tasks are underestimated severely by Open Data advocats»

On the national and the international level science is pushing towards Open Data. As noble as the principle is, the challenges for scientists are immense. Nicolas Thomas, space scientist from the University of Bern, will talk at the event «Open Data and Data Management – Issues and Challenges» on 29 October in Bern.


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Académie suisse des sciences naturelles

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Christian Preiswerk
Maison des Académies
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