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Swiss Geoscience Meetings

Swiss Geoscience Meetings (Overview)

16th Swiss Geoscience Meeting 2018, Bern

Session 14: Hydrology, Limnology and Hydrogeology

15th Swiss Geoscience Meeting 2017, Davos

Session 10: Hydrology, Limnology and Hydrogeology

14th Swiss Geoscience Meeting 2016, Genf

13th Swiss Geoscience Meeting 2015, Basel

12th Swiss Geoscience Meeting 2014, Fribourg

11th Swiss Geoscience Meeting 2013, Lausanne

10th Swiss Geoscience Meeting 2012, Bern

9th Swiss Geoscience Meeting 2011, Zürich

8th Swiss Geoscience Meeting 2010, Fribourg

7th Swiss Geoscience Meeting 2009, Neuchâtel

6th Swiss Geoscience Meeting 2008, Lugano

Andere Veranstaltungen

Seminar "Geschiebehaushalt in Fliessgewässern: Forschungsgrundlagen und Strategien zur Umsetzung der neuen Gewässerschutzgesetzgebung" (2011)

Symposium "Operationelle Hydrologische Vorhersagen" (2010)

Tagung "Hydrologischer Atlas der Schweiz – 9. Lieferung" (2010)

Symposium "Der Zustand der Schweizer Gewässer zu Beginn des XXI. Jahrhunderts" (2007)

Abstract Volume SGM2015 Cover

Swiss Geoscience Meetings Abstracts

The Swiss Geoscience Meetings Abstract volumes are the collections of all the abstracts that were presented either as posters or as talks at each year's edition of the SGM. Authors have up to 2 A4 pages, including graphs and illustrations to present their work.
SCNAT Wissen Netzwerk

Congrès annuel de la SCNAT

Le congrès annuel a lieu chaque année sur un thème choisi. Le congrès est ouvert à toutes et à tous.
Teaser: Global Change Abstracts - The Swiss Contribution
  • Discontinued in 2012

Global Change Abstracts - The Swiss Contribution

The Global Change Abstracts (GCA) are a compendium of abstracts from articles published in internationally renowned journals on global environmental topics, authored or co-authored by Swiss researchers or other Swiss experts.
Starting 2008 the GCA are produced as PDF version only. Hyperlinks to the full articles are included whenever possible.