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CH-QUAT Meeting 2019

mars 30
Lieu de l'activité
University of Basel
CH-QUAT Meeting 2019 Teaser
Image: C. Pümpin
CH-QUAT Meeting 2019 Teaser
CH-QUAT Meeting 2019 Teaser (Image: C. Pümpin)

Anthropocene: Human impact during the Quaternary

This year's meeting took place at the University of Basel. We enjoyed an exciting day with inspiring talks, posters, many discussions during the breaks, and also great food.

Invited talks dealt with the topic of the Anthropocene and human impact on landscape, environment and climate during the Quaternary.

In addition, we could welcome poster contributions discussing a large range of Quaternary topics such as paleohydrology, paleoecology, archeology, and hydrogeology.



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