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  • 15.02.2018
  • DEE
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New position as Assistant-Professor tenure-track in Ecology

The Department of Ecology & Evolution of the University of Lausanne is looking for a suitable candidate for the above position.
  • 09.02.2018
  • Commission interacadémique de recherche alpine
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Save the Date: Wildnis-Tagung

Wir laden Sie herzlich zur Wildnis-Tagung ein, die wir im Rahmen der Kampagne Wildnis Schweiz organisieren. An der Tagung werden wir die Wildnis-Studie zu Potenzial und Akzeptanz von Wildnis in der Schweiz einem breiten, öffentlichen Publikum vorstellen.
IBS 2018/128
  • 2018
  • Forum Biodiversité Suisse
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Information Biodiversité Suisse IBS Nr. 128

Quelle efficacité pour les crapauducs ?
  • 23.01.2018
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Guest lectures: Using Remote Sensing for Biodiversity Assessment

The Global Mountain Biodiversity Assessment, the ESA GlobDiversity consortium, and the bioDISCOVERY and Global Land Programme of Future Earth jointly invite interested scientists to a series of guest lectures on the use of remote sensing in biodiversity assessment, University of Zurich (Irchel campus), 05 & 07.02.2018.
FutureEarth and Convention o Biological Diversity; Photo: IISD/ENB, Francis Dejon
  • 08.01.2018
  • Future Earth
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Future Earth and Convention on Biological Diversity are partners

Future Earth and the Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) agreed to strengthen their collaboration around a number of key areas. The two organisations signed a new agreement at the 21st meeting of the Subsidiary Body on Scientific, Technical, and Technological Advice (SBSTTA), in December in Montreal. The signing of a memorandum of understanding marks an important commitment by both organisations to jointly strive to achieve the Aichi biodiversity targets and the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.
IBS 2017/127
  • 2017
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Information Biodiversité Suisse IBS Nr. 127

Dangereuse homogénéisation des cyanobactéries dans les lacs

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