Courses Filmmaking for Scientists
Courses Filmmaking for Scientists (Image: Samer Angelone)
Courses Filmmaking for Scientists
Courses Filmmaking for Scientists (Image: Samer Angelone)


Storytelling & Storyboarding Science at Locarno Festival
2 to 5 August 2018

The desire of scientists to communicate elegantly with the general audience using storytelling, and the tireless search of filmmakers for good stories to tell, demand tight collaboration between scientists and filmmakers. However, filmmaking technical skills lie outside of the training of the academic scientists. Hence, the successful collaboration between scientists and filmmakers requires that scientists acquire the basic knowledge of film storytelling and storyboarding. This will allow scientists to translate their research into elegant and convincing cinematographic stories, thus enhancing the communication between them and filmmakers, and making it easier for the filmmaker to transform these stories into films.

In this workshop biology students learn basic skills about conceptual and technical filmmaking, watch films and analyze them in regard to conceptual and technical filmmaking and discuss with professional filmmakers.


Course "Storytelling & Storyboarding Science at Locarno Festival"
  • 02.08.2018

Storytelling & Storyboarding Science

Good scientists do good science, but great scientists are also great storytellers!
Rigi-Workshop Storyboarding Science, Film set
  • 13.11.2016

Rigi-Workshop Storyboarding Science: Interdisciplinary Workshop for Scientists and Filmmakers

Rigi-Workshop November 2016
Filmmaking Marathon for Scientists & Artists
  • 18.09.2017

Filmmaking Marathon for Scientists & Artists

A major challenge for us, scientists, is to communicate complex concepts and detailed content in ways that are appropriate for the wide audience. Films are a powerful tool for scientific communication, but the technical skills for filming and editing, as well as developing a strong narrative, lie outside our training as academic scientists.