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Facilities Science: UK Royal Society - SCNAT bilateral international meeting


08:30 - 18:00

Lieu de l'événement

6-9 Carlton House Terrace

This meeting will be broadly divided into two parallel streams: "Facilities based materials and catalytic science for net zero" and "Facilities enabled biomolecular science for pandemic preparedness". Each stream will have a programme of live talks followed by discussion sessions with speakers. There will also be the opportunity for plenary talks, panel discussions and networking with attendees from both streams present.

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This meeting is intended to be multidisciplinary, and designed to bring together outstanding academics in an environment that encourages informal networking and discussion. Its objective is to build on and strengthen scientific ties between Switzerland and the UK, as well as to provide opportunities for peer-on-peer scientific discussion on areas of scientific strength and possible further collaboration.

The meeting programme is being planned by an organising committee made up of the following co-chairs.

Net zero:

• UK – Professor Sir Richard Catlow and Professor Bill David

• Switzerland – Professor Christophe Copéret and Dr Maarten Nachtegaal

Pandemic preparedness:

• UK – Professor Sir Dave Stuart and Professor Wendy Barclay

• Switzerland – Professor Adriano Aguzzi and Professor Gebhard Schertler



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